Monday, April 09, 2007

Amanda and I are off to Arizona tomorrow evening. I know I'm really looking forward to racing, and I am pretty sure Amanda's just as excited. We've packed just about everything but the bikes, and we'll take care of that tomorrow! And by "we" I mean "I" will pack the bikes. Ha!

I'll try to touch base later this week with some photos from Tempe... and, in the very least, with some updates.


Comm's said...

Weather should be cooler than last year Michael. Good luck on race day and hope to introduce myself to you at the expo.

dawnschmawn said...

How come I don't see photos of you in your Splish suit like Amanda has on her blog? :-)

senorscrappy said...

Yes, we need photos in your new suits. Then we can vote on which one you should wear in the race. I vote for the hot dog suit.