Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Kona Update #2

I almost let an entire week go by without an update... almost!

This time around I'm going to blame my lack of updates on the fact that Amanda and I have unreliable internet access.  Never mind that I am a lazy blogger, or that Amanda has that same patchy internet access, and she has managed to post.  Hmm.   Maybe I just lack things to say.

This past week has been really fun.  We are very well settled into our routines here, and we've been really enjoying our days and nights.  The training has been going very well, and just about each session has felt very good.  

My sister, Stephanie, and brother-in-law, Huggy Bear Hays, arrived last night.  We all four gathered down at Lava Java for a really nice dinner.  Three out of four of us had the fish tacos, and the fourth person at a grilled fish salad.  Whoa.  They have some seriously fresh and delicious fish over here.  I love it.

Tonight I'm laying low in the condo, as Amanda is out enjoying a VIP booze cruise on the Body Glove boat.  I wish I had gone with her, but at the scheduled departure time I was feeling more like lounging around on the couch, so here I sit, conserving energy... and blogging away.   

It's becoming more and more evident that my lack of posting is more likely due to my lack of interesting topics of discussion.  So on that note, I'm signing off until I find something really juicy to share.

Thanks for checking in!    


Flatman said...

Skipping the booze crooze was probably a smart decision! Go get 'em brutha...

Alberto said...

The things you post might not be interesting to you, but they are very interesting to some of us. The way you top athletes live and train is very interesting and very educational to the rest of us.

Can't wait for the race.... We'll be checking on you from about 10,000 miles away. I am sure you will be doing awesome....

Have a great one !

CoachLiz said...

I will second Flatman on the Booze Crooze call. It was probably better that you rested rather than had to go and watch everyone else around you Booze it up.

Less than 48 hours to go!!!

You are going to do awesome!

CoachLiz said...


What a fantastic finish!!!

We are very proud of you and all of the hard work that you have put in to get to this!

Anonymous said...

Right on, michael. I followed you on line today and vicariously thru steph via text and phone.
pretty damn cool. wow.,
:) Erin
ps. Hi Amanda!!!

JC said...

Awesome job Michael!