Thursday, February 05, 2009

One Sentence

I have recently signed up for Twitter. Actually, my in-touch wife has signed me up for Twitter. Since I obviously struggle to stay on top of the old blog, I am resorting to this method, as it only requires that I come up with one sentence at a time.

Should you be so inclined to follow my whereabouts (and my how abouts), please check out my twitting.


Justin said...

Got the link there tiger...? :P

Justin said...

Ha. Nevermind - I looked to the right... :)

NP said...

The great debate ! Quality vs. quantity. Real-time vs. outdated.

If I may say, I think your blog is extremely relevant. Okay, you're not blogging every single day. So what ?!? I enjoy catching up with your posts every now and then.

It's not so often to get the athlete's experience during a race and at the same time his more poetic or philosophical views on the sport or life in general. But I honestly don't care much about the fact that you just got a massage ;).

So 'twitt' away, but please don't use that as a replacement to your precious blog !

Thanks for sharing !