Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Columbia Triathlon

Holding with my pattern of writing a race report for the last event, just before the next event, I thought I had better post a little something about Columbia.

While I have a lot to say about how much great support we get from Vigo and George (the race directors); about how great it was to return to Columbia after twelve years; about how fun it was to race hard, in an attempt to get back some speeeeed; and about how much fun we had with all our Baltimore peeps, sadly, those details will have to wait.

For now, I must only post the photograph, to show the truly important piece of hardware we brought home. Witness our success:


Missy said...

OK, did they just make up a category for you two?;) I don't care who you are or what level, I'll take hardware any day!

Coach Mike said...

Proof of the dictum: "Choose your spouse carefully." Way to go, 'vatos!