Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Friday brought the wind and cold, but it didn't stop us too much. Fortunately, this was to be an easier day for me. I slept in a bit before meeting with Ritchie Cunningham and Luke Dragstra for a short and easy spin. The wind and cooler temps slowed us down a bit, and forced us to choose a more sheltered route up north. We made our way through some nice neighborhoods, and picked up an old route past where Scott and Kathleen used to live (in case the Woods are reading). Hitting 360 we enjoyed a tailwind for the second half of the ride, although we were still freezing our buns off.

Next up for me was a bit of lounging around. I couldn't seem to drag myself off the couch!

I finally dragged myself out for a run: an easy 40 minutes. Although it was getting late by this point, I still managed to jump in for a nice 4000 at Stacy pool. It's really amazing how few people are there on a cold Friday evening. I pretty much had the whole pool to myself.

I capped the day off with a really nice dinner at Curra's with my good friends Doug and Besty, as well as Todd and Beth (my generous hosts). We really enjoyed pounding back the chips, salsa, some tamales and beer, as well as one or two World Famous Enchiladas!

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