Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ok, it's been a long time since my last update--a really long time--and I apologize to those of you who have checked in for reports, only to find no updates. I'm now going to attempt more regular updates (famous words).

So, after taking the majority of December, and the last part of November completely off from training, I dove back into things on January 1st. Being the day after our one-year anniversary, it was a tough day back in the saddle, as I was a tad hung over. I've since turned things around, and feel that I've got a nice fitness base going.

After a busy January with buying a house, moving, starting jobs with new companies, I felt I needed a break from Boulder to get in a nice focused training block. I've been down in Austin now for the past four days, and will be here for another eight. It's great to come back down here to see all my friends, and to ride, run, and swim at all my old stomping grounds.

With an easy day on Thursday, I decided to plunge right into some good hard work on Friday. Unfortunately, that warm weather I was looking for arrived with a bunch of rain, so my first good run was a bit of a challenge. Before I look like to much of a nimrod, please note that those who have run on these trails in the rain know just how slick these rocks can be, and they can back me up on this one. Anyway, the short story is that I took a mean fall, and landed right on my knee. Ouch. I was too banged up to even get up off the ground. Normally my pride forces me to jump up immediately to avoid being seen in the prone position. However, this time was too painful for me, and all I could do was writhe in pain on the slick spot where I landed. Ouch. Next thing I know I'm running angry, like a mad-mad, with blood streaking down my leg. I think this incident was reposnible for me bettering my pace over the course of the next five miles, but it nontheless hurt me, and continues to hurt me. I'm tough, I'll survive.

The conclusion of that very run was a good one. I ended up climbing MtBonnell--a 500-meter-long hill with a nasty pitch. It's one of my tried and true routes, so it brought back many fond memories, as well as provided me with a hell of a workout. I felt that, in spite of the fall, this first workout boded well for a solid training week.

I followed that up with a nice, easy 1:45 on the bike, finishing up the day with a 4K swim set with my buddy Todd Gerlach. I did have to cajole him a bit to convince him we should stay in that long. It was getting late.

And in true throw-back fashion (to my days of old), I strapped on some lights, and rode home, through downtown, along my old Post Office route. I ended the day tired, a bit banged up , but ready to have some fun.

Saturday morning meant an early start, in order to accommodate Todd's schedule. We started at a chilly 7:00am, and completed most of the very pleasant--and hilly--Fitzhugh ride (toward Johnson City). Todd had to return early, so I added a bit on my return route: the bit was Courtyard and Jester with a bit of Spicewood Springs thrown in for good measure. For those not familiar with these roads, see shortened versions of St. Croix's the Beast. These hills in Austin are tough, and it's no wonder Austin has produced a few solid cyclists in recent years.

After a long 100 miles, I returned home to strap on the running shoes. I decided to make use of the 20mph wind from the north, and did a point-to-point run from hom to Jack and Adam's bike shop: 6.5 miles over rolling hills with a tailwind: up-tempo the whole way!

Day four has begun with a long run. After a four-mile warm up , I met with my good friend Cassie Heinkel, a pro runner just making the switch to the marathon. We did an enjoyable 12 together , and I finished up with my final four solo: a great 20 miles!

I'd better sign off, as it is getting later in the day, and I'd like to put in a coupoe hours on the bike prior to settling down for the day. Not to mention that it's become quite a lengthy post. Until next time...

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