Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tucson Half Marathon

Here are the videos from last weekend's race.

Amanda at mile 2

Amanda at mile 4

Amanda's post-race interview


Coach Liz said...

I love it. "I really did not prepare much for this. A few track workouts with my husband, that's all. I just wanted to see where my fitness was." LOL!

I only run that fast in my good dreams after I had a Dr. Pepper before bed.

I am kinda jazzed to hear that the two of you will be headed to Austin! Would I get to have a Lovato sighting at the Austin Half Marathon???

KidStallyn said...

When you guys make your way to Tucson, give me a buzz. We'd love to have you come out and workout with our group. We've got a great group of runners, one almost masters runner who ran a 2:36 at California International the same day as the Tucson Marathon.

D said...

I'm not gonna lie... watching the videos makes me want to cry. I'll be lucky if it's not snowing for my half in January.
I'm sooooo moving South!